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Jorczik and Acuavera win Bavarian Open 2015

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Germany’s Simone Jorczik and Ed “AC” Acuavera (USA) are the winners of the Bavarian Open 2015 in Bad Tölz. Jorczik defeated Mabel Vela (Bolivia) 15-6, 15-3 in the final, while Acuavera defeated former European Champion Joachim Loof (Germany) 15-6, 9-15, 11-7 in the final. Acuavera’s success at this years’ Bavarian Open marks the first win for an American on the men’s side since Frank Toney in 1989. From 1990 until now, a German player had always come out on top.

Germany’s Oliver Bertels and Arne Schmitz defeated Acuavera and Loof in the Mens Open final 15-13, 15-6.

The other winners:

Men’s B
1. Alexander Roth (GER)
2. Henry Angulo (BOL)

Men’s C
1. Brian Sharp (USA)
2. Andre Dobberstein (GER)

Seniors 35+
1. Donnel Valdez (BOL)
2. Markus Mindnich (GER)

Masters 50+
1. James Johnson (USA)
2. John Frederick (USA)

1. Peter Zuber (GER)
2. Len Larin Kock (GER)
3. Tim Scheffler (GER)
4. Finn Krister Süchting (GER)


                                                  Entry List

Nr.    Name:                  Div. 1:          Div. 2:           
1 Mike Conrad 50+ Doubles (J. Fredrick)
2 John Fredrick 50+ Doubles (M. Conrad)
3 Stefan Langmeier Men´s Open    Doubles (?)
4 Alexander Roth Men´s Open Men´s B
5 Michael Heyn Men´s B Men´s C
6 Mike Sigona Men´s B 50+
7 Simone Jorczik Women´s Open    
8 Brian Sharp  Men´s B  Men´s C 
9 Falk Süchting  Men´s C  35+ 
10 Len Laurin Kock  Men´s C  U 16 
11 Fin Krister Süchting   Men´s C  U 16 
12 Tjark Süchting  Men´s C  35+ 
13 James E. Johnson  50+  Doubles (V. Farrier) 
14 Oliver Bertels  Men´s Open  Doubles (A. Schmitz)
15 Donnel Valdez  Men´s Open  35+ 
16 J. D. Lattuca  Men´s Open  Doubles 
17 Heidi Lattuca  Women´s Open   
18 André Dobberstein  Men´s C  Doubles 
19 Tim Scheffler  U 16  Doubles 
20 Marc Scheffler  35+  Doubles 
21 Stefano Macaluso  Men´s Open  Doubles (T. Zuber)
22 Steven Bennet  50+  Men´s Open 
23 Rudi Langmeier 50+  
24 Vic Farrier  35+  Doubles (J. Johnson) 
25 Charly Holt Doubles  
26 Thomas Zuber 35+ Doubles (S. Macaluso)
27 Peter Zuber U 16 Men´s B
28 James Detwiler Men´s B 35+
29 Ed Acuavera Men´s Open Doubles (J. Loof)
30 Joachim Loof Men´s Open Doubles (E. Acuavera)
31 Arne Schmitz Men´s Open Doubles (O. Bertels)
32 Florian Mooshammer Men´s B Men´s C
33 Markus Mindnich 35+ Doubles (R. Ivancie)
34 Rob Ivancie Men´s Open Doubles (M. Mindnich)
35 Raffaele Angelillo Men´s B Men´s C
36 Adela Cordova Women´s Open Men´s C
37 Jimena Olivera Women´s Open  
38 Mabel Vela Women´s Open Men´s C
39 Henry Angulo Men´s Open Men´s B